Presidential History - highbrow or lowbrow?


Just steps away, The Mansion on Delaware Avenue's neighbors -The Buffalo Club, the city’s elite private club, and Founding Father’s Pub, where there’s ‘nothing snobby or somber’ - are brimming with architectural & historic significance….and presidential history.  

The Buffalo Club was established in 1867, in the midst of a boom-time for the city  as the hub of America’s east-west commerce at the western end of the Erie Canal. Founded by the city’s most influential citizens, it began as ‘a group for the purpose of fostering social intercourse’, and continues today as a private club with the same objective.

The Buffalo Club’s history is replete with presidential history.  13th U.S. President, Millard Fillmore, was not only a founding member but also the club’s first president. Former Buffalo Mayor and 22nd and 24th U.S. President, Grover Cleveland, held term as club president as well.  Perhaps the most significant historic period for The Buffalo Club was the time of the assassination of President William McKinley at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo.   After President McKinley’s assassination, the club was used as headquarters for his cabinet and Vice President Theodore Roosevelt.  Roosevelt’s inauguration would take place in Buffalo at the Wilcox Mansion, now a National Historic Site and museum.  Take a look at President’s who have visited Buffalo, many with a stop at The Buffalo Club.


Founding Father’s Pub is not only a quintessential ‘Buffalo locals’ bar where regulars and newcomers alike are warmly greeted and welcome, but also a presidential history buff’s dream. This presidential-themed pub is in a former 19th century livery dating back to 1874, with original hitching posts still nailed to the brick wall.  The decor of this cozy bar pays homage to American history in the form of historic artifacts including portraits of past presidents, newspaper clippings of events and even flags celebrating old election slogans - but it’s the pub’s owner and bartender, Mike Driscoll, who is the real draw.  While giving great service, Mike provides an ‘educational drinking experience’ by sharing his vast knowledge of American history with facts shared and debates begun between pub-goers and bartenders alike.  If you’re lucky, you’ll pop into the pub on a Founding Father’s Quiz Night, with general trivia ‘shout outs’ as well as team play.  Actually, there’s not much ‘lowbrow’ about this Buffalo tradition!


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